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Raw Manuka (Jelly Bush) Honey - 450g

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Raw Manuka (Jelly Bush) Honey - 450g

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Australian Manuka Jelly Bush variety has no medicinal taste, is sweet and fragrant, yet still possesses the powerful antibacterial health benefits.

A few of the known health benefits of Manuka honey include:

  • Stimulates Healing, Reduces Inflammation And Minimises Scarring
  • Helps Fight Sore Throat Related Bacteria And Stomach Ulcers
  • Antioxidant Properties Can Improve Immunity And Energy Levels
  • Can Assist In Reducing Resistance To Antibiotics

A delicious sweet taste
Unlike most Manuka honey, Gustare’s Manuka (Jelly Bush) has a luxurious, delicious sweet taste. There is no medicinal flavour, which is typically present in other Manuka Honeys, so our premium honey can be used as a tasty spread, an accompaniment to recipes or a sweet addition to beverages.

Surprisingly affordable
Despite its premium nature, our Manuka is surprisingly affordable when compared to other Manukas on the market. Which is specifically appealing to customers who are either new to Manuka or those who are seeking a tastier variety while maintaining quality health and well-being benefits.

Our suppliers are all B-Qual certified
Our suppliers are all B-Qual certified. At a time when there is concern about fake Manuka honey products being marketed, the B-Qual process certifies the production and provenance of our honey and offers independent certification tracking the jar back to the hive and guaranteed single source location – which is in Australia of course.

Guaranteed high quality, premium honey
Stored in temperature-controlled facilities to protect the activity levels in the honey, our consumers have the reassurance that they are purchasing a high quality, premium honey. Efficient manufacturing ensures that each drop of our Manuka honey is bottled in a glass jar, so there is no possibility of chemical leaching.


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